Led Light Fan


Light rechargeable super bright LED charging with a rechargeable fan
Times of emergency inescapable between now and then. So get prepared for power outages and emergencies with LED light rechargeable with a fan! Rechargeable Fan With Led Lights in Pakistan is not  only gives you a respite from the heat, but also exempt you from the darkness. It features 32 pieces of energy-efficient LED bulbs that shine brighter than ordinary light bulbs. Lamp rechargeable can use up to eight hours, which is very useful in cases of pitch black where the vision is weak. However, using the light and charging fan function at the same time will reduce the time of use for a period of four hours.
the LED light rechargeable with a fan and can also be used for camping and evening activities outdoors. It is environmentally friendly because it uses LED bulbs, and helps maintain energy, and so easy to use because of the portability and efficiency. Even kids can use it because it is easy to operate and lightweight.