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Bluetooth Talking Touchscreen Gloves

Talk to the Hand
Everyone’s seen them: the Bluetooth headset users who walk around talking to themselves, looking unhinged. But what if you could talk with your phone safely in your pocket while assuring others that you’re as normal as pre-2013 Shia LaBeouf—by holding your hand to your ear and making the universal symbol for “I’m on the phone”? 

These gloves let you do just that. Simply talk into your pinky while holding your thumb to your ear and hear your hand come alive with the voices of your friends. Even in the dead of winter, your fingers will stay toasty, and you’ll project an aura of sanity that hands-free Bluetooth users simply don’t have.


  • Speak to your own live, expressive hand rather than a dead glass screen
  • Make new friends by maintaining a “Call Me” gesture while walking down the street
  • Keep fingers warm, both literally and by having friendly conversations with them


  • Built-in mic in pinky and speaker in thumb
  • Answer and end calls with wrist buttons
  • Compatible with Bluetooth-enabled phones, tablets, and computers
  • 6 hours of talk time
  • USB charging
  • One size fits most, but all will demand to try

  •  Payment Term: Cash on Delivery

  • Shipping: VIA TCS (will be delivered in 2 to 3 working days after confirmation of order)

  • Policy: 7 Days replacement warranty

  • Delivery: All Our Pakistan